Woodlands Laser & Aesthetics is a family owned business by Dr. Nadeem Jamil . They are complemented by a staff of experienced physicians, nurses, aestheticians and assistants. At the Woodlands Laser & Aesthetics, our physicians perform procedures full time at our center and do not oversee other facilities or nurses in practice, commonly done by many other practices. Woodlands Laser & Aesthetics specializes in facial rejuvenation, total body aesthetics, and body shaping/weight loss through advanced technology.

Dr. Nadeem Jamil

Dr. Jamil received his medical degree from Dow medical college in Karachi, Pakistan.nadeem_jamil  Completed his residency in internal medicine from the University of Missouri Columbia.  He is board certified in internal medicine.

Founded  Woodlands Internists in 2002 for comprehensive medical care and has served at various leadership positions at St. Lukes hospital, Nexus long term care facility and park manor nursing home.  He lives in the woodlands with his wife and 3 children.  Dr. Jamil enjoys reading, gardening, classic movies and music.

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